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IT Managed Services

A cloud solution tailored to your needs

Cloud computing is basically the delivery of computing resources, including software and hardware, as a service, via a network connection. It typically relies on sharing physical and virtual resources, and offers flexibility, scalability, redundancies and economies of scale that are seeing it become essential to business.

A major advantage of cloud technology within business is how it provides a anywhere any time approach when it is needed

This sets it apart from other computing models with fixed capacities and upfront costs. By paying only for resources as and when they are needed, inefficiencies are reduced or eliminated and operating costs can be better managed.

Cloud computing services may be deployed in a number of ways, depending on the needs of the end-user. We can work with you to tailor the best solution for your business – including offering a completely managed cloud service.

A public cloud is the best-known model of cloud computing. Services and infrastructure are hosted off-site by a provider, and shared with their clients, who access these services and infrastructure via public networks e.g. the Internet. Advantages of a public cloud include economies of scale, redundancy, flexibility and location independence.

When dealing with highly sensitive information or a need for greater control, businesses may choose a private cloud model. Here a private network, that may be virtual or physical, will only be accessible for a single enterprise rather than a range of clients. Costs involved are of course higher as necessary software and hardware must be purchased or rented and maintained, but higher security, privacy and control are the benefits offsetting these costs.


IaaS specifically deals with hardware delivered as a service. It can include virtualised server space, storage space, network connections and IP addresses. IaaS can provide businesses with great benefits, including reduced investment costs, increased security and redundancy solutions.

Typically seen as an extension of IaaS, PaaS provides software developers, web developers and businesses generally with environments in which they might develop, test and even host software and applications. Benefits include infrastructure cost savings, security and the ability to create teams unrestricted by geographic boundaries.

Software applications are hosted by a provider and made available to customers over a network connection. Common examples include Gmail and Facebook, and many popular accounting, sales, and marketing systems are accessed this way. Benefits include cross compatibility of devices, PAYG cost efficiencies and automatic updates.

To gain an edge in today’s increasingly competitive world, businesses need to be ready and operate with greater efficiency than ever.

Managed Computing for end user clients makes a lot of sense, to achieve greater flexibility, more effective compliance, reduced downtime and freeing up IT resources from low value, routine but necessary BAU activities.

Tech-e Managed Services focus on providing a standardised user environment and trouble free experience for end users, through proactive management, incident prevention and rapid response to any incidence in accordance with strict Service Level Agreements.

Services  included: Incident Management, Problem Management, Patch Management, Vendor Management and Licence Management for supported applications and platforms. However, we can readily customise services based on user requirements to provide management of functions and components that are important to our clients.

With our Managed Client Computing Services, we streamline client end user computing experience and free up internal IT resources from repetitive tasks, enabling clients to focus on achieving higher value activities that add to the bottom line.